Joan C.

I fell off a 10 foot ladder onto a concrete floor and shattered a disc. Pain pills helped control as much of the pain as it could.  But I would come home at night in tears. and lay on the floor with my feet on a chair, trying to get some kind of comfort. And I did this for about almost seven years. I just kept going from doctor to doctor trying to find somebody that could give me some kind of normal life. Eventually I found Pain Management Center and they recommended an Intrathecal Pump implant that delivers concentrated amounts of pain and anti-inflammatory medication directly into the spinal fluid.

It’s changed my life due to the fact that my mind is more clear. With the pump, I’m not taking oral medicine anymore. It automatically directs medicine directly into the area that hurts automatically. I can turn it up or down depending on how much I need to control the pain. The quality of my life is much better now. I can cook, clean my house, take care of my dogs, paint, and go to the grocery store now. For anyone with chronic pain that lives with it every day I would recommend calling them because they are fantastic. The good thing about the doctors there is that they don’t stop until they get you some kind of relief.